Anonymous asked: “Chantal and Brian! Congratulations! Amazing trip and accomplishment. We all look forward to hearing about it! Wayne, Aiwei, Theo, Mia and soon to be Sam”

Thank you!
And good, because we love telling the tale. :)

Crossing the finish line in Paris.
It was the most amazing journey. Difficult and challenging, but I loved every minute.
Would I do it again? Definitely.

I’ll be posting some of the last photos from Paris later on today hopefully.

Well, its the last day. A fairly short drive from Troyes to Paris. I’m glad and sad at the same time. It has been a long, tough and amazing journey. I’m glad I got to know my fellow competitors. I hope to keep touch with my new friends. But physically and mentally, I think us and the car are ready to be done and relax for a while.
I’m so proud of our Mustang. No one thought it would survive the Gobi Desert and make it this far, but it did. Henry Ford would be proud.

Off to Paris we go.

I can’t believe the rally is almost over. It doesn’t seem possible that we’re so close. Spending this much time doing the same thing day after day, you never feel like you’re close to the finish.
Tomorrow we leave Switzerland for France. We will be driving to Troyes. It is a strange feeling knowing that in a few days I might never see these people again. I’m quite sad to be losing that element of all this. But in the other way, I’m glad to stop torturing the car. Poor old girl. I’m immensely proud of her though. She’s held up better than the other two Mustangs. Even though it hasn’t been easy on the car or us, I’m glad we did it with the Mustang.

Well I’m off to bed. Another fairly long day ahead of me tomorrow. Last long one we’ve got.

The drive to Gstaad.

Austria to Switzerland.

65stang3-deactivated20130924 asked: “Chantel, Is the Finish LIne at Place VenDome? Will you guys still be there Sunday? I was able to help Al somewhat on putting your car together, and will actually be landing in Paris on Sunday morning! If I can talk the wife into stopping, it would be fun to stop by, talk and see some of the cars. Peter G. via Boise, ID”

We finish on Saturday. Yes its at the Palace Vendome. The cars might still be there Sunday afternoon. I’m not really sure when they’ll be picked up by the shipping company. We’re all in the dark about that a bit at the moment. I’ll know more about our entry into Paris tomorrow.
Maybe we’ll see you there. :)

Day 27- Lviv, Ukraine to Kosice, Slovakia

We have officially entered Europe.

Yesterday we ran a race circuit and I was the one who drove. It was so much fun. I’d love to do that more often. After the circuit was a long and very hot day driving on the main highways to Lviv.
So it’s the start of day 27. We will be leaving Ukraine today and entering Slovakia. And honestly I’m so tired. Knowing that I have to spend the whole day in the car is just bringing my mood down. I’ve hit this wall a few times during the rally. I’m also having the worst allergy attack I’ve ever had in my life. All day long I’m sneezing and my eyes are running. Navigating is no fun when I can’t read what we’re doing. We’re getting so close to Paris and that’s all that keeps me going. I’m so happy to have come this far. I’m confident we will make it to Paris, it’s just hard. That’s the whole endurance part I suppose.
I’ll be posting more photos soon. My laptop is dead and I need to borrow a power converter.
Anyway, I hope the next post will be more upbeat.

susieqsutton asked: “Chantal, tell us a little bit about your standings in the race so far?”

Well we’ve gone us since the start. The highest position we’ve been is 25th overall. We didn’t hold it because we had car troubles and were unable to so the offroading race sections for a few days. So now we’re holding at 31st overall.